Crazy Easy No-Bake Birthday Cake

Easy No Bake Birthday Cake

Two weeks ago, I found myself engaged in a self-debate. Is it ok to make your own birthday cake? What if you are the baker of all birthday cakes in your family? Does that change things?

As you may have guessed by now, my birthday was earlier this month. We weren’t having a party, per-say, but we were having my parents and Mr W’s parents over for dinner. This happened to be the same weekend we were putting together the new playground, so things were more than a little hectic.

And so there we were, the day before my birthday and no cake. For the past few years, Hair had taken care of this part of the equation by scheduling time to get together with Thing One and Thing Two so they could make technicolor frosted cupcakes for me. But she was on night shift that weekend.

Part of me was intrigued by the idea of having an excuse to go hog wild in the kitchen. I’ve been dying to try a Topsy Turvy cake and had quite a few ideas for fun cakes pinned on Pinterest.

But there was also that voice in my head saying “Jen, just chill out.”

So I did. (I know, I know, big step for me.)

Then I had an idea. A trip to the store for a box of Rice Krispies later and mom and the kids were ready to get to work.

I ADORE Rice Krispie treats. Everyone has their “super simple, reminds you of childhood” treats that tug at their heartstrings. For me, for some very odd reason, it’s Rice Krispie treats. (Odd because I don’t remember my mom ever making them…)

Now you could go much fancier on this concept than we did. Some buttercream frosting or other decorations could turn this into something super cute. In fact, when I went and looked, there are tons of great examples of Rice Crispie cakes on Pinterest.

Either way, it was a good reminder of just how easy it can be to crank out something fun. And hey…I had a birthday cake.

Note: No matter how tempted you are, do not make up a recipe of chocolate ganach to pour over the top of your Rice Krispie cake. It doesn’t work. You’ll just come back 10 minutes later and wonder where all your beautiful chocolate went before having the realization that you’ve just poured something melty onto a completely pourous food. Then as you eat it, you’ll realize the chocolate reacted with the marshmallows and made the top layers more crumbly than chewy.

Don’t do it. Just don’t, ok?

Crazy Easy No-bake Rice Krispie Birthday Cake

  • 6 T butter
  • 2 packages mini marshmallows
  • 12 cups Rice Krispies

Melt your butter and marshmallows in the microwave or on the stove top until you can stir it together into a smooth creamy mixture. Pour over Rice Krispies and mix until the marshmallow is evenly distributed. Press into a standard size bundt cake pan or angel food cake pan.

Note, if you use a bundt cake pan, it’s a good idea to spray the sides with butter flavored Pam first. The angel food cake pan is easier because the center always lifts out.

Once it’s cooled, remove it from the cake pan and decorate as you wish.

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