Our DIY Mad Libs Style Wedding RSVP Card

What better way to set the tone for an easy going outdoors wedding than by encouraging your guests to get a little creative on the RSVP card?

If there’s one thing about weddings that bothers me…well, wait. That assumes there’s just one thing about weddings that bothers me and there are heaps… Let’s try it this way… One of the many things I dislike about weddings is the amount of money people spend on fancy-schmancy invitations. Oh yes, and also how boring those invitations usually are.

So when it came time to pick ours, Mr W was completely and totally on board when I suggested doing them ourselves. I’ve got a decent eye for design and hello…I’m a marketer by trade. Seems like I ought to be able to market our wedding day to friends and family, right?

I’ll save the entire invitation process for another day. I plan on making the file downloads from my design available for free, but I’ll need to look up the fonts and such first.

For today, let’s focus in on the RSVP card.

We’d had some fun with the wording and the design of our invitation, and we knew we were going to be having an extremely laid back wedding day, so we wanted something that would set the tone for our guests ahead of time. While wracking our brains for some creative ways to word the card, Mr W suggested we let the guests word it.

Mad Lib Style RSVP cards? I’m in like Flynn.

So that’s exactly what we did. I took about five minutes to write up a paragraph that was appropriate, then got to work in Photoshop removing key words and labeling the empty spaces.

You know how people say no one sends in the RSVP cards? Yeah, that wasn’t really a big problem for us. At least 75-80% of them got returned. In fact, we picked out the most creative ones and decorated the seating chart table with them during the reception.

Some of our friends got really creative. A few themed them, like this one:

A few let their kids fill them out, and one even drew little pictures in for each box.

Of course a pretty good chunk of our older friends seemed to be unfamiliar with the concept of Mad Libs and wrote things like “When Jen and Matt “walk” down the “aisle” we will be there to “cheer” for them” but what are you going to do? At least we had a high response rate.

Not to mention the extra motivation to walk down the lane to the mailbox every day to see if any new ones came in.

I’ll post the full invitation design, where we ordered our materials from and the files for anyone who wants to swipe my ideas in the next week or two.

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    • Jennifer
      Jennifer says:

      I had fully intended to post the files for this, but unfortunately, my entire set of invitation/RSVP templates got lost in a laptop malfunction. That said, based on the number of pins and the amount of traffic this post gets, I suppose I could see about recreating it for you all. 🙂


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