Fun with Dry Ice

bubble bubble toil and ice cream

There are some ways in which I’m nothing more than a big kid. I laugh at stupid knock-knock jokes, I have an irrational love of ice cream, and I get overly excited about things many people would simply shrug at.

So when my box of Jeni’s Ice Cream arrived and I opened it up and saw the warning note on top that said it contained dry ice, I was downright giddy. The directions suggested I remove the dry ice with tongs and put it in a metal bowl on the counter until it dissolved.

Ha! Yeah, that’s going to happen.

Instead, I put the package of dry ice back into the styrofoam container and proceeded to clean out the sink, clear the counter of all dishes and, in general, get the kitchen ready for some fun.

Then I called the kids into the kitchen and told them to gather around the sink. I got some tongs and fished out the nice size chunk of dry ice that was left in the package and warned them to stay back while I put it in the sink.

chunk of dry ice to the sink

Then I gave them the standardized warnings about not touching anything and staying back while I turned on the water and we watched it start to bubble and smoke.

three things standing with guard up

Of course Mr W got to join in the fun by explaining to the boys why the ice created bubbles filled with “smoke” that then popped. After that, we switched it over to another sink that we filled with water and waited for the smoke to fill up the sink.

filling the sink with smoke

Then we let them all take turns leaning over, and slowly blowing into the corner of the sink to send the smoke billowing into the air.

blowing into the smoke

The reactions were priceless…

priceless reactions

We probably spent 20 minutes playing around with it before the block got small enough to stop producing smoke in good quantities. We even tried putting some food coloring into the water to see if it would turn the smoke another color. (Alas, it did not.)

Either way…the kids had a blast and that wonderful shipment from Jeni’s gave the kids as much of a smile as it gave me.

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