Pymatuning Spillway

Pymatuning Reservoir - Where Ducks Walk on Fish

Right on the Ohio-Pennsylvania border, about an hour south…

Back to School Social Story for kids on the Spectrum

The beginning of a new school year always brings about a…

How I started my Office on Pokémon Go

We’ve joked on our blog before about how I’m the youngest…

5 Wineries in 5 Hours

Two of my aunts and I have discovered a great way to spend…

4th of July Social Story for Children on the Autism Spectrum

The 4th of July is a classic American holiday, signaling…

Intro to Social Stories

Back when Jen, Ariel and I were first talking about relaunching…

Old Soul

I’m part of a generation that might just be the most immature…

Post Grad Expectations

If you caught my blog post a few weeks ago about my DIY painted…

7 Thoughts of a New Runner

  Let me preface this by saying that I am doing this…

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