Table Top S’mores

Table Top S'mores

One of my favorite projects from our wedding was the S’mores buffet we set up toward the end of the night. Little did I realize the fire pots would actually get MORE us after the wedding than they did on the big day.

Since the wedding, I’ve used them at outdoor picnics, at football parties, at our Christmas party and for a couple of different “every day fun” experiences with the kids. Our kids LOVE to be involved in things, especially when it comes to making their own food. Add in the whole “ooooh, fire!” and the “mmmmm! s’mores!” effects and you’ve got an absolute winner.

The pots were super simple to make. I found some 6″ flower pots at JoAnn Etc on sale one day and picked up six of them for the wedding buffet. I did a little research online and learned that while standard Sterno is not safe for direct contact with food, there is a product called Safe Heat that can be safely used for things like roasting marshmallow.

Since no one would see the content in the bottom of the flower pot, I used some every day gravel to build a base, then set the Safe Heat on top and covered the gravel with some river rocks my mom had on hand. The pots cost me under $10 each. ($6 for the pot and about $2 for the Safe Heat.)

Most of them were disassembled after the wedding, but I kept three and stashed them in the basement just in case some excuse came up to use them. After seeing how much the kids loved them at a picnic last fall, Mr W and I decided we’d surprise them with S’mores after dinner on Family Night one week.

Thing One enjoying S'mores

Our kids are still young, so we stayed at the table with them to keep an eye out, but they had an absolute blast roasting their marshmallows. Of course neither Thing One nor Thing two liked chocolate in their s’more, so they ended up eating roasted marshmallow and graham cracker sandwiches.

Thing Two enjoying S'mores

To each their own, right?

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  1. Ann
    Ann says:

    This is so cute! I might try it out this weekend. I’m just a little concerned with the smores tasting like fuel…

  2. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    So long as you use the fuel I mentioned, it won’t taste of fuel at all. You’ve got to use one that’s food safe though. There are chemicals in standard sterno and other canned heat sources that are bad for you.

    The “safe heat” has no odor, taste or chemicals and are perfectly safe to use for indoor s’mores. I found mine at Sam’s Club, but I’m betting Walmart might also have it.


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