Putting Together a Beautiful Wedding Table on a Budget

Green & Brown Wedding Table Setting

When I was planning our wedding, one of the things that always struck me was the absolutely gorgeous pictures of wedding tables repleat with beautiful center pieces, charming little favors, beautiful place settings and gorgeous linens. After all, with the exception of the dance floor, there’s no place your guests will spend more time during your wedding reception than at their table.

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You Write Your Own Vows, Why Not Write Your Own Readings?


One of the challenges we had in planning our wedding was figuring out what to do regarding that whole “having people do a reading” thing.

We didn’t want to have someone read the same old standard Bible verses that show up at every wedding. Not because our faith isn’t important to us…Christianity is absolutely central to our lives and to our relationship. But we wanted our wedding to demonstrate that in a way that mattered to us.

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From Self Catered to Full Catered: Why I Gave in and Hired Wedding Caterers

When Mr W and I were first planning our wedding there was no doubt in my mind I’d be catering it myself. After all, we were planning on having a small wedding and I love any excuse to throw a party.

I’d also catered a wedding for a friend in the past and the challenge of putting together a tasty but economical spread was fun. I had a pretty good idea in my head of what I was looking to feed our guests and most of it wouldn’t be too difficult to make ahead of time or call in friends and family to help with.

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Paper Lanterns for Light and Mood at our Outdoor Tent Wedding Reception

paper lanterns in the outdoor tent

One of the big challenges of an outdoor tent reception is creating just the right ambiance while also ensuring you have enough light. Since our reception was going to feature a 60′x40′ Navitrack Frame Tent, we had a pretty big space to cover. One of the best investments we made for that night was our paper lanterns.

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The Cookie Table – a Pittsburgh Tradition

the cookie table is a pittsburgh tradition

Ever grow up in an area of the country that has one of those traditions you can’t image missing out on? Ever marry someone from someplace else only to discover they have the exact same tradition? If you haven’t…it’s pretty cool. Yet another one of those little things God pops up to make you smile and go “yeah…this is good.”

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DIY Mustache Photo Booth Props

fake prop wall photo booth accessories

One of my favorite DIY products from our wedding was the wonderful fake prop wall photo booth my dad built for us.  Of course building the prop wall was only part of the process. We also had to have some props to go with it. For us, that meant mustaches on a stick.

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How Cinnamon Rolls Helped Finance My Wedding

Cinnamon rolls rising in the pan

There’s one recipe you’ll likely never see show up on this blog, even though it’s the most requested thing I bake for friends, family and clients. This is the story of how the world’s best cinnamon rolls helped finance my dream wedding.

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Sam’s Club Wedding Flowers – A Surprising (and Affordable) Option

SAm's club wedding flowers

There are some things that just don’t go together when you’re planning your dream wedding. Pretty high on the list for me were terms like “Sam’s Club” and “Walmart.” I mean sure…you might swing into Sam’s Club to buy platters of snack food for your bridal party on the morning of the wedding or hit up Walmart to buy the fishing line you need to hang your paper lanterns…but for FLOWERS?

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Our DIY Mad Libs Style Wedding RSVP Card

What better way to set the tone for an easy going outdoors wedding than by encouraging your guests to get a little creative on the RSVP card?

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DIY Wedding Photo Booth Prop Wall

Photo Booth Kiss

One of my favorite DIY projects from our wedding was our photo booth wall. I’d been hunting online and run across quite a few different photo booth ideas. While I loved the photo booth strip design where you walk away with several different shots, it was the mock prop walls that really made me fall in love with the idea. Especially if we could decorate that wall with framed pictures of our family.

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