DIY Mustache Photo Booth Props

fake prop wall photo booth accessories

One of my favorite DIY products from our wedding was the wonderful fake prop wall photo booth my dad built for us.  Of course building the prop wall was only part of the process. We also had to have some props to go with it. For us, that meant mustaches on a stick.

Of course when I headed off to Etsy to run a search for mustache props, I found prices ranging all the way up to $60 for a set of fake stach’s. Since this was mostly a DIY affair anyway, it seemed silly to pay for what I knew we could make. Besides, most of our DIY activities for the wedding had involved evenings filled with laughter and stories as people like Hair and Tapioca helped us out. Why not turn this into yet another evening of fun?

So I stopped by the store and picked up a big bag of wooden dowels for $3, and bought two pieces of foam for about fifty cents each. We already had wood glue and super glue at home.

Total cost: $4

Then I went hunting for mustache templates online. I found one set of mustaches over at Vintage Bliss and then collected a few solo ones from sites around the web to make up another page of templates. I printed them out, and we got to work.

Working with hair to make mustaches

We didn’t have much foam board to spare, so we decided our best bet was to make a card stock template first and to cut from there. So we set up assembly line style. Hair would cut out the printed mustaches and trace them onto card stock. I’d then use an exact-o knife and a self healing cutting board to cut out the sturdier templates.

Finally, I’d cut out the foam mustaches using the templates as my guide. Two of each mustache, which I then handed off to Tapioca so she could glue them back to back and mount them on the dowels.

Overall, it was a great chance to just sit and talk and visit while we worked.

mustache assembly line

The two boxes of Girl Scout cookies we had to munch on didn’t hurt either…

When we were done, we had a great collection of ‘stashes that even Tom Selleck would be proud of!

mustaches drying

That’s about the time Mr W came strolling through and tried one out for us.

Mr W with a stache

Not long after, Thing Two came wandering in and decided he had to pose with one as well.

Is that Thing 2 or an imposter under that mustache

The entire process took us two to three hours of visiting and working and cost me a grand total of under $5. Not a bad investment for the amount of laughs and fun we got out of them and yet another example of just how easy DIYing it for your wedding can actually be.

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