Sam’s Club Wedding Flowers – A Surprising (and Affordable) Option

SAm's club wedding flowers

There are some things that just don’t go together when you’re planning your dream wedding. Pretty high on the list for me were terms like “Sam’s Club” and “Walmart.” I mean sure…you might swing into Sam’s Club to buy platters of snack food for your bridal party on the morning of the wedding or hit up Walmart to buy the fishing line you need to hang your paper lanterns…but for FLOWERS?

And yet…at some point during my research, I stumbled across a forum posting by someone swearing they had gotten the most beautiful wedding flowers from Sam’s Club. Most of these posts were from women who had ordered their flowers in bulk and made their own bouquets, one of the many options we were considering. After all, I was trying to pull off my dream wedding for about $10K. Not an easy task these days.

My mom is an absolute whiz with flowers, so we were pretty certain she’d be able to pull something off. It was just deciding what colors and styles we were going for. Then one afternoon while mom was visiting the listing for bulk Gerbera Daisies I’d emailed to her, she called me.

“Have you looked at the pre-made bouquets they sell?” she asked.

“Um no Mom, it’s Sam’s Club,” I replied in a fairly rare moment of snobbery.

“Seriously, check them out…you might be surprised,” she replied.

So I did. And I stumbled upon a listing for their “Earth Tone Wedding Collection” that blew me away. Then I noticed the price. $329 and FREE DELIVERY for the exact amount of bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres we’d need for the wedding. It even included rose petals for the flower girl!

No way could Sam’s Club have flowers this pretty for that price. There had to be something wrong with them.

So I started hunting online. Sure enough, I found dozens of brides in message forums talking about what a great experience they had with their Sam’s Club flowers.

Four weeks before the wedding, I sucked it up and put in my order. I rationalized that worse case scenario, we could always go raid the local Giant Eagle and mix up some bouquets ourselves. Besides, $329 was significantly less than I’d spent on silk flowers for my first wedding more than a decade prior. In other words…DIRT CHEAP.

They were due to arrive the Thursday before the wedding. The web site said they’d send them with everything I needed to get them set up in water with feed so they’d be ready to go by Saturday. I happened to be out running errands when they arrived, but my mom called to say they had been delivered and she and Mr W were taking them out of boxes and that holy cow were they breathtaking.

First thing I did when I got home was head to the basement to look.

HOLY COW…were they breathtaking! I mean absolutely gorgeous! Among the most beautiful wedding flowers I’ve ever seen anywhere. (A sentiment I would hear from guests through the day of the wedding as well…)

Don’t believe me? Let’s see them in action…take a look at what $329 in wedding flowers from the world of industrial size peanut butter and a year’s worth of toilet paper can look like.

First, let’s get a nice close up shot of my bridal bouquet…

Bridal bouquet

Check out the color on those lilies! I’d never in my life seen such vibrancy! And that purple explosion flower? And the small little yellow ball flowers beside them? My mother, whose yard could easily be featured in Better Homes and Gardens had absolutely no idea what they were. We just knew they were stunning.

The bridesmaid flowers were just as gorgeous. Here they are all lined up during the ceremony…

Side shot of bridesmaid flowers

And a few close up shots from the front…

close up of bridesmaid flowers

And this…

close up of bridesmaid flowers

Again with those yellow ball flowers! They looked like something out of a Dr. Seuss book. If anyone knows what they are, please let me know!

They also gave us a beautiful combination of complimentary colors for Thing One’s flower girl basket.

Thing one's flower basket

Let’s not forget the “extras” that get popped in there as well. The men’s corsages were beautiful. Understated, simple, but perfectly matched to our bouquets.

Men down the aisle with corsages

We even had enough corsages to suit up Thing Two and Thing Three properly for their ring bearer duties.

ring bearer corsages

Of course Thing Three was a bit rough on his, so it had a petal hanging for most of the ceremony. But I think expecting a flower to stand up to a rough and tumble four year old is probably asking a bit much.

The mother’s corsages were also beautiful. Here’s a shot of Mr W’s mom with hers…

Mr W's mom with corsage

And of my mom with hers…

Jenn's mom with corsage

By the way, don’t you just love that shot of my parents? Can you tell…just a little bit…how much they like Mr W and how happy they were for us that day?

The flowers also made great contrast in color and presented some wonderful photo opportunities for our awesome photographer.

Flowers under the tree

and another shot with our rings…

flowers and rings

We also ended up using the bouquets as decorations for the food tables and for our Sweetheart Table. Bright, colorful and saved us the trouble of extra expenses.

flowers used as table decoration

Ultimately, they just added to the overall sense of the wedding. Our wedding was extremely laid back and easy going. We wanted to throw a big party, not some formal showcase where people give dirty looks if you sneeze at the wrong moment or a babies dares to cry.

The bright, cheery color of the flowers just seemed to fit with the flow of the day. And since we’d gone with brown for the bridesmaid dresses, they also gave the pictures that pop of color needed to really set them off.

The flowers pop off the dark brown bridesmaid dresses

I’m honestly not sure which was more fun that day…hearing the sheer number of people comment on the flowers, or the looks on their faces when I told them the flowers were from Sam’s Club.

So for any bride out there who has stumbled across this post because they’re stuck in the same quandary…let me ease your fears. The flowers were amazing, the price was a huge relief on our budget and no one, not even our photographer could believe they’d come from anywhere but a high end specialty florist.

And as much as I wish this was a paid post, I give you my 100% word that Sam’s Club has neither paid me for this endorsement or has any idea this site even exists. My raving reviews are based solely on my desire to help other brides save some money in this realm so they can spend it on other things that don’t have as many discounted alternatives.

Also, if you happen to be looking for a wedding photographer, I cannot say enough good things about Dana Sheller from Sheller & Co Image and Design. I’ve finally got all the watermarked versions of my images, so look for tons more pictures in the coming months as I put up more posts. Whether you’re in Western PA like we are and want someone local, or you’re out of state and want a photographer who will travel, she’s amazing, easy to work with and cranks out the kind of images a bride dreams of.

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  1. Dana S.
    Dana S. says:

    Great post, Jen! I completely agree with you even having seen many bouquets! Yours were among, if not the most beautiful and durable I have seen. Thank you for the kind words…it makes my job a whole lot easier when I have clients as fun, easy going, and creative as you and the Mr. 🙂 xoxo


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