Menu Planner – Week of April 9th

I’ve had a few requests from friends lately to post my weekly menus. Seems like we’re all looking for something new to cook that’s both tasty and can get on the table without hours and hours of prep time. I generally balance a mix of freezer meals, tried and true easy recipes and one or two experiments.

So I figured I’d throw it out there and see if this helps keep me on track as well. I find my weeks go much better if I sit down on Sunday afternoon and plan out meals for the week.

Monday (Pantry and Freezer Meal)

We’ll be heading back from a long weekend at my parents and won’t have hit the grocery store yet, so I’ll pull some leftover Red Wine beef out of the freezer. I always get at least two freezer bags out of my standard recipe. I’d generally serve it over gnocchi, but we’re out, so egg noodles it is!

Shredded Red Wine Beef with Gorgonzola Cheese over Egg Noodles
Steamer Bag of Broccoli

Tuesday (Pantry and Freezer Meal)

I’ll actually cook this night, pulling frozen chicken thighs and frozen green beans from the freezer and using pantry staples for everything else.

Honey Soy Stir Fry Chicken w/Jasmine Rice
Green beans, sliced oranges

Wednesday (Requires Grocery Trip)

I’ll grocery shop on Tuesday or Wednesday, so I’ll be able to pick up the fresh loaf of Italian bread and the fresh basil I’ll need to make dinner this night. I’ll also refresh salad supplies since I’ll be running low by then.

Quick and Easy Tomato Basil Soup with Super Simple Cheesy Garlic Bread
Fresh Pineapple & Grapes

Thursday (Requires Grocery Trip)

I keep freezer bags of diced, cooked chicken breast on hand for making casseroles or adding to pasta, I also always have frozen spinach and frozen tortellini on hand, but I’ll need salad ingredients.

Baked Tortellini with Spinach (I’ll add in chicken)
Greek Salad

Friday (Requires Grocery Trip)

We’ll be on the road Friday evening taking Thing One and Thing Two to their father’s in Columbus, which means a total of about six hours on the road. The kids eat when they get there, but we need food for the drive home.  We decided several months ago to bypass fast food on these trips to cut calories and to cut costs. So I always take a cooler packed with car friendly food.

Apples & Peanut Butter (Mr W)
Clementines & Apples (Jen)
Fresh Veggies, Whole Grain Flatbread and Hummus (Jen)
Fresh Veggies (Mr W)
Hard Boiled Eggs (Jen)
Cheese Cubes and Deli Meat (Mr W)

Saturday (Pantry & Freezer meal)

We’re kid free on Saturday, which generally means we take it easy and enjoy some grown-up fare. Our kids still haven’t figured out how delicious shrimp is, so it makes a great Saturday night dinner for us without the expense of buying enough shrimp for everyone.

P.F. Chang’s Mongolian Shrimp w/Jasmine Rice
Edamame and Potstickers from the freezer

Sunday (Requires Grocery Trip)

I rarely make dinner on Sunday as I like to make a meal when we get home from church and I just don’t feel like cooking twice on the same day. Plus, by the time Sunday rolls around, we always have plenty of leftovers. (Which is impressive, since Mr W eats leftovers for lunch most days.) Sunday becomes my experimentation day since I usually have more time to cook.

Bacon and Corn Griddle Cakes (I’ve been dying to try these!)
Fresh salad (maybe greek, maybe with fruit, depends on my mood.)

Random Baking Goodness

Of course I also can’t make it through a week without getting downstairs to the baking kitchen at least once or twice. We’re out of cookie dough (I always keep frozen cookie dough in the freezer for Mr W, it’s his favorite movie time snack) so I’ll likely make a batch of chocolate chip cookies just to put in the freezer and something else to experiment with. It will most likely be one of these…

Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies

Crescent Cinnamon Rolls

Zesty Low-Fat Lemon Cake



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  1. Diana @ SAHMonomics
    Diana @ SAHMonomics says:

    Love it. Love it! LOVE IT! These are some great ideas and are all new recipes for us. Now to get past some serious hurdles on my to-do list and I can get on these new recipes. Thanks a lot for posting. Cannot wait to try these. Keep the recipes coming!

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer says:

      I don’t know how you do ANY food planning with all the traveling you guys have been doing. Seems like every time I see you check in somewhere, it’s four states from where you were last. 😛 I’m finding the freezer is my best friend though. Saw chicken breast for <$2 a pound at Sam's today, so bought six pounds which is currently poaching on the stove to be shredded for casserole chicken and placed in the freezer. My stock piles help immensely!


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