Non Alcoholic Mojitos – A.K.A. Nojitos

non alcoholic mojitos

Sometimes you want a really refreshing summer drink and ice tea or lemonade just won’t do it. For some odd reason, I’d picked up some fresh limes at the grocery store last week. When I stumbled across a huge patch of mint in the yard, the rest worked itself out.

“You want some Nojitos?” I asked Hair and Mr W’s sister.

We were down by the waterfall with the kids and Thing Three had started in on his usual hunt for mint growing next to the creek. As I was nibbling on a piece myself, I remembered I had the limes back at the house. I was pretty sure I had some seltzer water as well.

They were game…once I explained a Nojito was like a Mojito sans the rum. (Don’t get me wrong, I like Mojitos as well…just wasn’t in the mood for them.)

So we joined the kids in the hunt and gathered up several handfuls of mint.

Then Mr W’s sister snapped this super cute pic of Hair and I walking back up tot the house. (Aren’t best friends just…well…the best??)

Hair and I on a walk

Gotta love our super stylin’ rolled up pant legs. Hey…it was better than dragging them through creek water!

Now, back to the matter at hand.

This Nojito recipe is a tasty one. A bit tart for some…so I often add a bit of extra sugar to the mix to even it out a bit. I have to think it would also be good if you threw the mix in the freezer or an ice cream mixer and made it kind of like frozen lemonade.

It’s from the book “Porch Parties,” by Denise Gee…which happens to be one of the better cocktail books I’ve ever purchased. Lots of great southern style mixers that make you want to kick back in a hammock and listen to the crickets. Incidentally, this book is also home of the amazing Gumby Slumber recipe we used as the signature cocktail at our wedding last fall. The one was such a hit we ran out of it two hours into the reception.

(from Porch Parties)

  • 16 oz club soda
  • 2 oz fresh lime juice
  • 2 T super fine sugar
  • a fistful of fresh mint leaves
  • ice

Strip the mint leaves from their stalks and rinse them in cold water to clean. Toss them into a glass with the sugar and lime juice and stir the leaves around with a wooden spoon to bruise them. I like to leave this sit for a bit while I get some other food ready, it seems to let the lime juice and mint flavors merge a bit.  Add some ice to the mix and shake it all until the sugar has fully dissolved. Pour club soda over top and serve. Makes two servings.

Kick back on your porch on a sunny day and enjoy!

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