Green Apple Nachos Recipe

green apple nachos

This was one of those ideas I stumbled across on Pinterest and realized I absolutely HAD to try. Wow am I glad I did, these things are wonderful!

But first let me give some background on the extra awesome reason why they are wonderful.

To say Tuesday was a busy day is to put it lightly. I was up early to get the kids off to school, then spent the next several hours putting the finishing polish on a Twitter workshop I was hosting that afternoon.

Once the workshop wrapped up, I still had to do some research to get a proposal out, and try and knock out a portion of my upcoming book. Of course those last two things had to happen in a 90 minute window before I had to snag a 15 minute shower to get out the door to drop the taxes off at the post office, pick up the kids at school and swing by the grocery store to get ingredients for the dinner we were supposed to be dropping off for a family in our church that had just had a baby.

Thankfully, I’d put stroganoff in the crock pot in the morning…but I needed egg noodles, some fresh bread and some type of dessert.

We came home at 4pm. We had to leave at 4:30.

That gave me 30 minutes to make a tossed salad, make egg noodles, mix them with the stroganoff and package it all up and make a peanut butter pie. (Fastest dessert I could think of.)

Then I realized we had Life Group that night for our church.

I rarely, if ever, go to Life Group without taking something to eat. It’s just not in me. But there was no way in creation I was going to crank out another dessert in 7 minutes time.

Then I remembered the apple nachos.

Oh Pinterest, how I love you!

So it went something like this…

4:20: Half, core and slice 3 granny smith apples

4:22: Spread them out on a dish, making the top layer look semi-nice

4:24: Grab bottles of caramel, peanut butter and fudge topping from cabinet. Grab bags of mini chocolate chips and pecans from another cabinet

4:25: Drizzle each of the three types of topping over the apples. Sprinkle with chocolate chips and toss some pecans on because there’s no time to chop them.

4:26: Take a picture of them while Mr W hunts for Saran Wrap

4:27: Wrap them up and start piling stuff into the car.

No joke. It was less than 8 minutes to make this dessert. How’s that for absolute awesomeness!  Though somewhere down the line I want to try the same apples drizzled with honey then topped with crumbled goat cheese, chopped pecans and dried cranberries. Mmmmmmmmm……….

As for how they taste? They were a hit. Everyone loved them and I will totally be making them again. They’re one of those deceptively easy dishes that looks really impressive and takes great but requires very little work and absolutely no skill in the kitchen.

Plus the topping possibilities are endless. Like a deconstructed fancy caramel apple you might get at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

One last close up shot…mmmmmmmm….delicious!

close up of green apple nachos


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