Lazy Day Cake Recipe

lazy day cake recipe

Ok, I know this may come as a shock to some of you…but I don’t make everything from scratch. I know…I know…the horror, right? My friend John is probably throwing his hand over his eyes in a mock faint right about now. Whatever. Some times I’m lazy!

Plus, I have this theory on food. If the work that goes into it equates to an improvement in taste, I’m more than happy to put the work in. If the same taste can be reached with less work but I have to compromise nutrition? I’ll do it sometimes. If I can get it pre-made for less work with the same nutrition? I’ll do it pretty much every time.

For example…if I ever get an ice cream maker? I’m still going to buy Bryer’s Ice Cream every now and then. Why? Because it’s that frickin tasty and I can read all the ingredients.

So please let it come as no shock to you that some nights, I want something baked, but I don’t feel like baking.

That’s when I thank God for infomercials.

Anyone remember the Turbo-Cooker?

Ha! I do. I had one! That thing as actually a pretty awesome skillet. Not because it did anything magical, but because it was deep enough to put that second steamer tray on and I could cook more stuff at once. (I kinda wish I’d kept it…it would be awesome for camping!)

Anyway, one of the recipes it came with was for a super quick cake. Basically, one box of cake mix plus one can of pop. Voila…super crazy moist cake. In the Turbo-Cooker world you pour this into a springform pan and cook it on the steamer rack of the pan. In Jen world, you mix up your cake this way and you bake as you normally would.

In lazy Jen world, this means half a box of cake mix plus half a can of soda = 12 cupcakes in the oven in under 5 minutes.

So two nights ago when I was absolutely craving some type of chocolate baked good and didn’t have it in me to make cookies, I whipped a batch of these up. And just to be a little naughty, I took them out early so they’d collapse on themselves like a deflated souffle.

Why? Because it gives them the texture of a chewy brownie. Sure, you have to scrape the extra cupcake off the wrapper…but talk about fudgy, goey, yummy goodness!

So there you have it. My quick and easy lazy day cake. I used the Faygo version of Sprite with chocolate cake, but don’t be afraid to get creative. Dr. Pepper and Chocolate cake are great together. So is Lemon cake with sprite, or Spice cake with ginger-ale. Or go white cake with Orange crush for an extra flavor hit.

Sift a little powdered sugar on top and you’ve got a pretty decent last minute dessert with no fresh ingredients required.

John…you can stop crying now…it’s all going to be ok…

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  1. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    You’ve never seen it before? Oh wow, seriously, try it. If you use a diet soda, you are adding zero fat and zero calories to the cake mix. So basically, figure out the nutritional info on the box, and that’s what it is.

    If you do the cupcakes, I suggest taking them out early and enjoying the brownie like consistency. If you want a cake-cake…do it in a 9×13 or a springform and cook until a toothpick comes out clean. That version will make about the moistest cake you’ve ever had!

    Let me know what you and Luke think!


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