DIY Easter Treats with Free Printable

Easter bunny tail treats

Every now and then the kids come home from school on Friday and I forget to look at their folders. They never have homework on the weekends, so it’s usually just a matter of signing tests on Monday morning. This week, that meant finding out at the last minute that Thing Two needed to take Easter treats to school to share with his classmates.

Hey, at least he didn’t need them until Tuesday. That gave me 24 hours to figure something out.

Unfortunately, Pinterest didn’t turn up much in the way of Easter giveaways. I guess the rest of the world works more like me and thinks of those things as better suited to Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Either way, I did eventually stumble across a post where someone put an “Easter Bunny Tails” label on some powdered sugar donut holes.

That was enough to spark an idea, so I sent Thing Two and Mr W to the store to hunt for “anything edible, white and round” while I sat down at the computer to make up some labels.

They came back with a bag of mini-marshmallows. Mr W reasoned that donut holes would have cost us roughly $9 for his class whereas a bag of marshmallows was only $1.97.

Plus…donut holes can smush.

Smart man.

So I hunted for an easter color pallete online, then whipped up some labels in Photoshop with a free bunny image. We sliced them up and I stapled labels onto little bags after Mr W stuffed them with marshmallows.

Quick and easy.

Like the idea? Great! Here’s the PDF of the free easter printables. They’re three inches across and will fit the small size plastic bags you use to wrap cake pops. They sell them at Michael’s, JoAnn etc. and most other craft stores.

DIY easter bunny treat PDF



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