Post Grad Expectations


If you caught my blog post a few weeks ago about my DIY painted graduation cap, you already know I graduated this past May. Graduating was the most surreal experience. I kept thinking, “Is this really happening? I’ve actually done it?!” It still hasn’t quite hit me that I’m not going back to class this fall. It almost feels like this might just be one more summer break. I think it will really hit me in the fall when I’m not gearing up for another school year; I’m just…working.

My family refers to your first job out of college that uses your degree and comes with some kind of salary and benefits as your “big girl” or “big boy” job. I was pretty excited to get my first offer for my “big girl job” before I had graduated. Knowing I had a place somewhere definitely eased the tensions of the senior semester. Since graduation, I’ve accepted a full-time job at a small marketing company as their graphic designer and started writing and creating for A Flexible Life. I’m excited about the experience I will continue to gather through both of these positions. Working for A Flexible Life will give me a creative outlet that I might not get working through the marketing company. Plus, I get to work with a couple of my best friends. Dream job, right?

Both jobs have a flexible schedule, and I’m planning on taking full advantage of it. I’ve always been the kind of person who talks about doing cool stuff, and then doesn’t do it. This summer, I’m not letting the season go to waste. My boyfriend is a dog trainer and also has a mildly flexible schedule. Together, we will be taking full advantage of that fact by exploring what good ol’ western Pennsylvania has to offer. I’m determined to have the best summer I can.

While I’m having the best summer ever, I’m also going to be paying down the debt I racked up over the last four years. Between the rising cost of college and a couple of cars going kaput on me in the last four years, I’ve managed to stack up a good bit of debt. The last two years of college I commuted from home, so my number is lower than some of my fellow college grads. Since I will be making more money than I ever did at any of my various part time jobs, I’ll be using the extra dough to put a dent in my debt.

Another thing going for my debt-wise is my plan to continuing living at home for a little while. I’d like to say I’ll live at home for a year to get the biggest bang for my buck, but I’m feeling the itch to be my own woman. I want to put my mark on the world. Every so often I feel the urge to move far away and see what happens, but I love my family, and they all live here. That’s not to say I’ll never move away, the idea of not watching my niece grow up is a factor in keeping me here for now.

I probably have too high of expectations for this summer and what being a real grown up will be like, but I guess you could say that the shine hasn’t worn off for me yet. I’ll be focusing on my personal growth this summer. I am going to be using my newfound free time to do things like attempt to take up running, adventure throughout SWPA, get my creative juices flowing, and maybe find a real purpose in life. Don’t worry; I’m going to chronicle all of these experiences for you. I know you’re dying to read all about them 😉

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