4th of July Social Story for Children on the Autism Spectrum

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The 4th of July is a classic American holiday, signaling fun and excitement for most people. For those on the Autism Spectrum, however, July 4th can be overwhelming, stressful and downright scary. July 4th tends to spell changes in routine, includes large crowds of people in chaotic environments as well as the loud noises and bright flashes produced by fireworks. That makes the 4th of July an ideal opportunity to explore the potential benefits of social stories on your loved one.

Reading a social story with your loved one can help alleviate some of the anxieties around a holiday like this one. Reading the story frequently in the days leading up to the 4th has worked well for my daughter. I allow her to take the print out of the story with her wherever we go on the 4th. She likes to look at the pictures to remind herself everything that’s happening is okay; the stories seem to reassure her. Not every child will need the on-hand reminder, so consider asking your child what would make them the most comfortable, or simply taking it with you in case they have trouble and need it.

We’ve made the high quality, printable version of this social story available for download as a PDF in our store, but we’ve included screen shots below so you have the chance to look through the story to make sure it’s a good fit for your family.

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(We do ask you to keep in mind that we pay to have these stories professionally designed and edited and do our best to make them available at a low enough cost to allow everyone to afford them. Please feel free to share the link to our store, but please don’t steal our file by downloading extra copies for friends.)

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A Social Story is a widely used tool in the Autism community, but few know a lot about their history or their guidelines. Social Stories are used to provide guidance or directions about how to respond in different types of social situations. Carol Gray developed Social Stories in 1990, and trademarked them. The first Social Story was published back in 1993. Carol Gray has not endorsed or reviewed these stories. This tool worked for us but may not work for everyone. Nothing posted should ever be a substitution for medical advice or the advice from a team working with your child.





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