Waterfall Project – Part Six

kids riding out in the tractor

Maybe it’s telling that I accidentally typed “party six” instead of “part six” in the title field…either way, we had another combined picnic/water hole evening with friends last weekend and thanks to the dad’s…we got quite a few more rocks cleared out as well.

I love any excuse for a picnic and with the weather getting a little warmer, we invited another couple from church and their boys to come join us for a picnic by the water and some ice cream by the fire last Friday night. As usual, we loaded up the picnic fare AND the kids into the tractor wagon and Mr W hauled them all down to the lower fields.

Where we set up shop.

setting up the waterfall party

Hamburgers, hot dogs, fresh fruits and veggies, a delicious broccoli bacon salad and several bags of chips that constantly find their way into our house even though we never buy them went along for the ride. Between four adults and five kids we managed to polish off a dozen hotdogs and two pounds of hamburgers, plus most of the other stuff.

It’s those growing boys, right?

Of course in what seems like minutes, the mom’s were left smiling on the banks of the creek while the dads and kids piled into the water.

No really, see us?

smiling moms watching getting to relax

Maybe not the most flattering angle, but a seven year old was taking it. Besides, we were just glad to have the chance to chat without a million kids underfoot.

The dads on the other hand, DID have a bunch of kids underfoot…

boys in the water

Of course what was nothing more than a great chance to play in the water for the boys…

playing in the water

Quickly turned into a rock fishing expedition for the men. Fine by me since getting the largest rocks out of the pool’s bottom was still pretty high on our “things to do” list.

the men and the kids had a great time in the water

Those wonderful, wonderful men had to have thrown a few hundred pounds worth of rocks out of the pond. Some of them were nearly half the size of the kids.

the men taking care of the heavy lifting

One great thing that came out of that night in the water was proof of life in the pond. We’d seen the odd crayfish here and there and we knew there were plenty of frogs about…but that night, we discovered a fish!

A real life fish! In our pond! Who would have ever thought such a thing would be so exciting. Of course none of us have seen it yet, but as our friend reached into a crevice under the waterfall he definitely felt something big swim past him.

An added bonus is that it’s now been nearly two weeks since the first time everyone piled into the creek and no one seems worse for wear. That tells me we either have good immune systems, or there’s nothing too bad swimming around in the water.

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