Taking Your Kids on Dates

thing one and Mr W ready for their time together

When I was a single mom, one of the things I new I had to look for in a man was someone who would love my children as his own and who would provide them with an excellent father figure while they were with me.

They have a father who loves them with all his heart and I’m glad they get to spend time with him. At the same time, they spend the greatest majority of their time with me, which meant whatever man I married would also play a significant role in impacting their view of what a dad is.

The very first weekend Mr W came to meet my children, they took to him immediately. He’s got a warm heart and he poured it out into them just as he poured it into me. In fact, it wasn’t but a month later that they informed him they’d very much like for him to marry me. (Sneaky little kids…thankfully we’d already been talking about marriage at that point, so there was no scaring the poor guy off.)

Over the past month or so, Mr W has decided that one of the things he’d really like to do is get a bit more one on one time with each of the kids. As we all know, mom’s tend to get more interaction with their kids. It’s just how the day to day life in a family goes. That’s why it’s so very important for dad’s to carve out the time to have true face time with their kids. That might mean taking one of them on a shopping run, or it might mean scheduling specific time with them.

In our house, that generally means Monday morning breakfast dates. Mr W takes one kid to breakfast before school each Monday morning at the little diner a mile up the road from our house. It’s their chance to get up early and sneak out of the house with daddy while everyone else is still asleep.

They absolutely love it. The diner is one of those small town places where eggs and toast will run you a whopping $2.25. That means he can get out of each date for around $10 or so. Not to shabby in the grand scheme of things.

Last week, however, Mr W decided it was time to take Thing One on a ‘real’ date. We’re both familiar with the idea of dad’s taking their daughter’s on dates as they grow up to give them that reminder of how they should be treated. The kids see Mr W open doors for me (including the car door every time we go somewhere together) and the boys will already run ahead to open doors with a grin while saying “ladies first please…” It’s super adorable.

But I digress…

So Mr W asked Thing One what she would like to do on her date. She replied “a movie and go out to eat.” So last Friday when the kids were off school, he whisked her away for brunch in the city and to see a movie. Afterwards, they got ice cream. She came home in absolute heaven. I think he made her whole month.

Of course now the boys want to know when they get to go on a date with me, so we may have to work some time and budget in this summer to allow for that to happen. Weekly breakfast dates with daddy will continue, but bigger “let’s go out” dates will probably be a twice a year event.

I’m curious how many other people do this? We’ve all seen the father-daughter dance pictures that pop up now and then…but do you (dad’s?) take your daughters on dates? Any of you ladies get to go on dates with your dad’s growing up? How about making the space for one on one time with each of your kids?

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