Why an Ice Cream Maker Doesn’t Make Me Fat…

ice cream taste testers to help your hips

Every now and then I read through my personal Facebook feed and I realize just how often I’m down in the kitchen playing with recipes. In fact, in the month since I got my ice cream maker, I have knocked out no less than a dozen batches of ice cream. That’s a LOT of ice cream for one household.

Thankfully, I only eat a very small portion of it. Why? Because we have people over constantly. Between small group, friends coming over with their kids and the occasional bonfire night, not a week goes by without a half dozen or more visitors coming through the house.

That’s why Sunday night, I had a nice set of volunteers to taste test my latest batches. In fact, two of them came down to find me cranking out a batch as they arrived. I couldn’t hardly let them watch me make ice cream without sharing a little, so I let them taste test everything in the freezer.

Later that night at the bonfire, the talk started up.

“So…I hear there’s ice cream here…”

“Yep, it’s in the basement.”

“I bet it’s tasty.”

“Oh, it’s great…it’s in the basement in the freezer.”

“Boy do I love ice cream.”

“Do you guys want some ice cream?”

And they all sprang to their feet.  Apparently you have to be blatent…telling them where it is is not enough, they need an official invite.

So off we headed to the basement where they kindly put away a decent amount of Butterscotch Caramel Cashew Crunch, Strawberry Cheesecake, Cookies n Cream and Blackberry Cobbler ice cream. Guy tested and approved. In fact, one of the guys dubbed it “totally sellable!”

Maybe someday when I retire from marketing and Mr W and I are ready to hit the road with an RV and a food stand.

For now, I’ll keep cranking out the ice cream and I have a feeling the guys will keep showing up to eat it.

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