A Walk After the Rain

a walk in the rain

You know those crazy weeks? I’m having one right now. Book chapter due, homework to grade, new training modules to put together. Sad really, because I have a TON of pictures and recipes waiting to be written up. I just don’t have time to format everything.

So you’re getting a quickie post made up of Instagram shots I took this morning on my daily stroll. (There is something to be said for a yard that’s big enough to take a nice morning walk to get your thoughts centered and your heart pumping after you get the kids loaded on to the bus.)

Kicking up my work hours and growing the business has unfortunately left me tied to the computer a good seven or eight hours a day. Unfortunately, this has meant an uptick in my waistline as well. I lost about 25 pounds three years ago and had done a great job of keeping it off, but in the last year, a good chunk of that managed to creep back on.  Despite what you may think based on the sheer amount of baking I do, I actually eat very healthy, very balanced and watch my calories pretty closely. Unfortunately, I’m one of those people that can’t really regulate my weight by diet alone. I get comfortable in my chair, I get less comfortable in my jeans.

So with spring rolling around, the perfect solution seems to be taking a walk around the property a few times a day. After all, a single lap around the upper lot where our house and back fields are equals a shade under half a mile. If I make the trek to the lower fields and creek or head over to the barn, I add some serious hills into the mix as well.

Mr W even started mowing a path around the back fields this year to give me a great walking path.

So the new plan is to attach my pedometer each morning and work my way back to the 10K steps a day I used to average with no problem. (The first few days showed that I often don’t even hit 3K steps. Egad! No wonder I’ve gained a little.) I’ve been hitting 6-7K on a daily basis now that I aim to walk at least one lap in the morning and one lap in the afternoon. Give me a few weeks and I’ll work a third lap in there somewhere and hit that 10K number consistently.

Here’s a taste of what my morning walk looked like this morning after a few days of good steady rain. I absolutely LOVE how extra green everything looks in the spring after a good rain. The moss on one of our front trees really caught my eye as I walked by this morning.

moss on the trees

I don’t normally take pictures, but once I pulled it out for that first shot, I kept seeing more opportunities.  Not long after that tree, I decided to head down the rock road that takes us to the end of our creek as it goes under the highway. There’s a marble and granite business located next door to us and for some reason, they like to dump pieces down here. It ends up looking a bit like old ruins…

marble and granite ruins

Of course once I was down by the creek, I could hear it absolutely roaring through the creek bed. That’s what a few days worth of good rain will do to you! So I made my way over to the waterfall to see how much was pouring over it.

water roaring through the creek

It was a mini Niagara Falls! In fact, the water levels had clearly risen by quite a bit the night before because much of the land around the pool had clearly been recently flooded. There was also enough water pressure roaring through there to dismantle some of the dam we’ve built.

creek rising from the rain

A little further up creek, the water was still rolling through areas where I can usually see the bottom just fine. The flattened grass along either side of the creek made it clear how high the water level had gone.

flattened grass

The copious amounts of honeysuckle in the lower fields didn’t seem to mind though.

honeysuckle grows wild in the lower fields

Of course by the time I was done my shoes were absolutely soaked. But the smell of fresh rain was still in the air, my heart was pumping and I was ready to head back in to tackle the day.

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