Big Old Tractors…

big old tractor

Yesterday during dinner we were sitting around the table talking when we noticed the very distinct sound of our old Farmall tractor coming in and out of range. The kids looked out the window and noticed our neighbor appearing over the side of the hill pulling the brush hog behind him.

He’s one of those indispensable resources when you live in the country. He helps us stay on top of everything that comes with owning 22 acres, including pulling out the Farmall every few weeks to brush hog the lower fields to a reasonable level. While it’s nothing new to hear him out there during the summer, it was the first time this year the kid had been around when he was mowing, so of course they wanted to go see him and the tractor.

Of course they were already out there ready to climb on the tires before I could even pick up the camera, let alone make my way across the yard.

It cracks me up a bit that Thing Three still isn’t even close to as tall as a tractor tire.

kids piling on the tractor

There’s just something about kids and tractors. Or at least our kids and tractors.

kids climbing on the tractor

Maybe its the tractor…maybe it’s spring. Either way, Mr W and I have a little bit of “farm” fever running through us this week. There’s been talk of chickens, pygmy goats, honey bees and gardens. We’ll be taking things slow, but don’t be surprised to see news on any of those topics start popping up in the next few weeks.

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