Impromptu Games of Tag and Other Memories

So it all started like this. Things One and Two wanted to walk down to the creek to do some exploring. Thing Two and I headed down with Mr W and Thing One planning to join us in a few. On the way there, I reached over, tapped Thing Two on the head and teased “You’re it!”

I glance down and him and he has that glint in his eye. The one that says “woo hoo! Let’s do this!” So I laugh and take off running. And sure enough, he chases me.

Of course he’s got way more stamina than I do…I’m old, and quite frankly a little bit out of shape. (Which is part of why I welcomed the idea of running around the yard for awhile.) But I’m craftier than he is. So we get these occasional moments where I spin and he tries to debate which direction I’m going to go…

Of course about this time, Thing One shows up…which is obviously going to lead to the following:

And we were off and running again!

This was about the time I actually looked where I was going and realized Mr W had been out there the whole time with the camera. Total change up as I’m usually the one capturing his antics with the kids on film.

So we kept going. And for being about quadruple their age, I did pretty well for myself.

Some day, I’m going to have to teach those kids how to spin and side step. It’s the absolute only reason I could keep ahead of them for any amount of time…

After 15 or 20 minutes though, I was tired and we were ready to wrap it up. I tried to “tag” Mr W but he was getting over the flu and wasn’t up for being quite that rambunctious yet. So I let them tag me a final time and we were done.

So we headed down to the creek to explore our waterfall.

I’d found it last year while exploring with Mr W’s sister. It’s in a lower part of our fields that we don’t go to all that often because the banks are grown up with tons of trees, vines and generalized brush. You’ve got to work through some serious thorn bushes to get down there. But it’s not quite so bad in the spring.

Of course there’s also the pool the waterfall dumps into. It’s decent size…about 8 feet across and 10-12 feet wide. And it appears to be deep, but we had no idea how deep. So we wanted to check that out as well.

What we’ve been wondering is if it might be deep enough to serve as a swimming hole, which would mean we need to dedicate some time to clearing out the banks.

Then Thing One claimed the camera and wanted to take pictures, so it became posing time…


Have I mentioned lately how much I love spring? And our yard? There’s just something about the freedom to go outside and explore. The potential of all that land….that fascinates me. And apparently our kids as well.

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