Daddy’s Little Wingman…

So here’s the thing about Thing Two. He’s a little flirt. I’m not going to say he’s Joey Tribiani levels…but if there’s a cute girl in the room, he’s going to zero in on them and start laying down the moves. You’ll hear his voice slow down, he’ll give the brief jerk of his head as he says “hey there” and I shake my head and think “yeah, it’s adorable now, but boy do we have our work cut out for us when he’s a teen.”

But he’s also got a heart of gold. He’s a total snuggler, an encourager and all around sweetie pie. And while Thing Three reduces us to laughter with his dry wit observation on life “The reason I don’t like tomatoes is because I don’t like the inside of them. *pause* I don’t like the outside of them either…” Thing Two makes us laugh with the way he relates to people.

The other night, that started working out in Mr W’s favor.

We’re sitting at the dinner table and the kids are telling us about their day at one point, Thing Two pipes up and the conversation goes about like this…

T2: So there’s this game we play at school…and in it, the boys are always chasing the girls…

Me: [under my breath] Sounds about like life…

Mr W: [suppressed laughter]

T2: and when you catch the girl, she has to kiss you on the forehead.


T2: So anyway, I think you and daddy should play it tonight.

Mr W: I’m ok with this.

Me: So you think daddy should chase me tonight

T2: Totally!

Me: What if I don’t run? In fact, WHY would I run if Daddy wants to kiss me?

T2: Because that’s how you PLAY! You HAVE to run!

Me: Oh, silly me. Ok, but here’s the thing…Daddy and I are MARRIED…so shouldn’t I get to kiss him on the lips?

T2: Hmm…well, you ARE married…so that seems ok.

Me: Ok, good, cause I like kissing daddy. But again, why would I run?

T2: Ok, you don’t HAVE to run. But you SHOULD kiss daddy. You should kiss him a thousand times.

Me: Tonight?

T2: Yes!

Me: That’s a LOT of kissing. Are you going to count all those?

T2: Well…maybe just 100. Yes, kiss him 100 times. I can count to 100!

Me: Did Daddy pay you?

T2: Huh?

Mr W: [outright laughter]

Me: Never mind. But Daddy seems to have found himself quite the little wingman…

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