What can you do with $25 and a few hours?


Hello, this is Mr W. Usually Jen gets to put up most of the content here, but in this case I’m learning more about how to use social media, and after this fun “man” event, she suggested that I write this article and post it up as a series

She and I were travelling in California visiting some close friends, and the husbands were left alone while the women were out doing their thing. (And by the way they came back with some pretty toes.) So Mike had an idea of what the men could do but wouldn’t share it at first. So we hopped into the truck with the trusty steed in the bed (Roxy the dog) to find a used microwave at the thrift store. The only qualifier is that it was to work and not be too expensive.

We found one on the first try. We tested it out at the store, and bought it for 50% of the advertised price (apparently this is normal for this store) of just $49.99. Why oh why if you want to sell it for $25 do you list it for $50, but alas, it must be one of those California things… So we loaded it up into the truck and headed home.

Now before I proceed, let me tell you that I didn’t know what we were going to do yet, but I had some ideas. Both Mike and I are fans of MacGyver & Burn Notice. These are shows designed to let men live out their adventures vicariously. If you have duct tape and a knife, you can do anything. I grew up on MacGyver and my wife introduced me to Burn Notice as (a newer version of MacGyver) and I was hooked. One of the episodes of Burn Notice used a Microwave to make a homemade explosion. While we were not going to blow up the garage, we didn’t mind a bit of adventure, so that is what we set out to do.

Microwaves are very powerful units when you know how to use them. Neither Mike nor I are scientists, but hey, a little experimentation never hurt anyone… right? So if you want to walk on the adventuresome side of life and want to try something new for a minimal cost or maybe even see what might have happened to us, then read on…

So to continue the story, we set up the microwave on two saw horses in the garage, leveled it out, and plugged it in. Then we thought about what things might be worth trying to burn/explode. We did some quick research to see if we it was safe to take off the door or the coating on the door so that we could see inside better. But alas, upon doing research both of those things were needed for safe operation so that we didn’t get cooked outside of the microwave. (Please note, we were concerned about safety. We even had a fire extinguisher handy just in case.)

Here is a sample video of some of what we tried and a preview of the videos to come.

(For those that recognize the background song is from Arrested Development and the quote I have you for you “I made a huge mistake.”)

Come on back each week to see what has been done and what we had hoped to see.

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