Backyard Double Rainbow!

Double Rainbow

Not even two days after we woke up to a quarter inch thick layer of ice over EVERYTHING, we ran into one of those weird afternoons where it can’t decide if it wants to deliver rain or shine and it’s warm enough to walk around in a sweat shirt.

I don’t get it…but I’m new to these parts, so what do I know about western PA weather patterns?

As the kids were just sitting down to do their homework, I looked up from the kitchen sink and spotted one of the most beautiful rainbows I’ve ever seen. We’re talking a full color, yes-you-can-see-the-purple rainbow. I could even see the top arc and it heading back down. A quick call to the kids and Mr. W had us heading out the backdoor where sure enough, there was a FULL rainbow starting just behind our back field and ending a bit past our barn.

Of course we couldn’t get camera settings adjusted properly in time to pull the full color spectrum in to it, but I did snap some sweet Instagram shots with my iPhone while trying to balance an umbrella and not run into two excited kids.

umbrellas in the rain

(Admire my slippers…you know you want to. They have real soles and everything and they’re toasty warm!)

Just as we were snapping shots, I spotted a second rainbow forming above the first one and sure enough, it completed the full way over. Now I’ve seen a double rainbow or two in my life, but this is the first and only time I’ve ever seen a FULL double rainbow in person. It was gorgeous.

Not to mention what a great reminder it was. Mr. W and I walked down the aisle in our back yard to Israel Kamakawiwo’s version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.


It’s a good good life.


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