DIY Sarcastic Coffee Mugs

All 4When you have four women working in an office the size of a large bedroom, there’s always a healthy mix of conversation and “my headphones are on because I’m focused, so don’t you dare interrupt me” going on. Back when our friend Tammy worked here with us, she had a habit of saying things that most certainly belonged on coffee mugs. In fact, she inspired us to build a wall of post-it notes where we’d write these little gems down in case we one day got around to actually turning them into coffee mugs.

Tammy moved away for a new opportunity several months ago, but the Post-it note wall remains. It’s not uncommon for us to add new quotes to the mix as well, though some of them are a bit lengthy or severe to actually get turned into mugs.

Johnna holding coffee mug

When it came time to make up a “coffee lovers” basket for a local event we were participating in, it only made sense to spend a little time one weekend creating some of the mugs we’d kept kicking around and a few more that were inspired by quotes we’d seen floating around on Pinterest.
In Johnna’s honor, we built out this “I only like Coffee…and like three people” design for a quote she gave one day when she was having a rough morning. (There were still four of us in the office back then and as she was ranting against the world and how the only thing she liked that day was coffee, we got her to admit that she did *sorta-kinda* like us as well.)

If you feel like Johnna does without your morning cup of coffee, you can get the SVG file for the “I only like Coffee…and like three people” design in our store.

Namastay Product Image

Our next mug was put together in honor of Tammy.

While she isn’t here in the offices anymore, her influence remains and we kind of miss her new-age, hippie sense of style and values. If anyone were ever going to try to convince us to do office Yoga, it would have been Tammy. Of course, she also wasn’t much of morning person, so this “Namast’ay in Bed” mug is perfect for her.

You can buy the SVG file for our “Namast’ay in Bed” design in our store. We’ve decided it would also look adorable on a super soft sleep shirt, or maybe even on a pair of yoga pants.

DSC_0065Since Ariel is working on the transition from being a college student into being an actual grown-up with a full-time job and adult responsibilities, we knew her mug had to be something about making the transition. As with most millennials, Ariel is a fan of turning nouns into verbs, and it’s not uncommon to hear her say “I can’t client today” or “I can’t adult today.” Since Ariel is our resident designer, and since crayons pair oh so well with the concept of NOT being an adult, we created an “I can’t adult today…please don’t make me” mug in honor of her.

You can buy the SVG file to make the “I can’t Adult today, please don’t make me” in our store.

I guess that leaves me. The challenge is, not only do I NOT drink coffee…I don’t really drink ANY hot beverages. The post-its on the wall that were inspired by my quotes tend to lean more toward wine and rum than anything to do with coffee, and let’s be honest, there are already enough “this might be wine” coffee mugs floating around the world. That said, we can all appreciate the irony of those days when I, our resident wordsmith, completely lose my ability to form coherent sentences. That’s why our last mug says “I cannot brain today, I has the dumb.”DSC_0062

If you want to channel your inner Jen, especially on a day where kids or dogs or deadlines have kept you awake and your sleep deprived brain is having trouble stringing coherent sentences together, you can pick up the “I cannot brain today, I has the dumb” SVG file in our store.

This four-pack makes the perfect gift for your favorite sarcastic coffee lover, or would be a wonderful series of gifts for a Secret Santa week at your office.

Have an idea for a sarcastic coffee mug you’d love to see us design? Leave it in the comments and we’ll see what we can do about it for an upcoming post.



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