DIY Mean Girls Tumbler Pack

DSC_0158Some movies are more quotable than others; Tommy Boy, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Princess Bride. For those of us in our twenties and thirties, especially females, Mean Girls also makes that list. It’s a testament to the comedic brilliance of Tina Fey that it’s almost impossible to get through more than a few minutes of the film without hearing a quote-worthy line.

You might remember the post about Ariel and I introducing Johnna to the movie back when we posted about our homemade toaster strudel recipe. That entire night came about because Ariel and I were throwing Mean Girls quotes back and forth, and Johnna had no idea what we were saying.

The one thing we decided was missing from our party was Mean Girls themed cocktails and Mean Girls themed wine glasses or cups. We’re still working on some themed cocktails, but when I spotted some colorful tumblers with fruit infusion cores during my last run to the Dollar Tree, I knew we needed to spice them up with some Mean Girl’s Quotes.

The challenge was picking our favorites. After all, there are dozens from which to choose.

Like this one:


Or this one…


Or this one…

Sex talk

Or the quote that started it all here in our offices…


Narrowing them down wasn’t easy.

Ultimately, Ariel and I came up with four that we loved.


“She Doesn’t Even Go Here!”


“On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink”


“You Go, Glen Coco”


And of course, “Boo, You Whore”


They’re perfect for sipping drinks out by the pool while we brainstorm ideas for upcoming posts, and they are clearly perfect for Mean Girl viewing nights. Paired up with some Toaster Strudel, a Calculator, a plastic Tiara, a bottle of Virgin Daiquiri Mix and a pink article of clothing, this would also make a great themed gift basket for the Mean Girl’s fan in your life.

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