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DIY Funny Cutting Board SVGI grew up in a home with a mom who had been a home economics teacher. She could cook, sew and craft with the best of them. Over the years that meant things like incredible Halloween costumes, the smell of homemade cinnamon rolls as my friends and I woke up from summer sleepovers on the back porch and the knowledge that I would have awesome help for pretty much any projects that needed to be done for school.

I, on the other hand, was never a crafter. Oh sure, I tried. There was that skirt I tried to make to earn a Girl Scout badge when I was a kid, or my misguided efforts to learn to knit. Heck, when I moved to Pennsylvania five years ago I found a cardboard box labeled “Good Intentions” that was full of scrapbooking supplies and memories I’d saved in the hopes I could be one of those cool moms who make beautiful baby books for their kids.

Let’s just say that like a lot of other areas of my life; I didn’t hit my stride until I was in my thirties. These days, I’ve discovered that I not only love sewing, but I also am also pretty good at it, and what started as an effort to avoid bowling alley birthday parties by promising my kids I could pull off a cool party at home has turned into some pretty incredible themed birthday parties. As I’ve settled into my skin and given myself the freedom to fail (sometimes hysterically) I’ve also learned that with practice, you can come up with some pretty cool ideas.

So when Ariel and I were trying to come up with a cool homemade Christmas gift for our clients last year and decided on etched cookie jars, my marketing agency justified buying a Cricut Explore Air. From there, it wasn’t a very big step to start asking myself what else I could create with this incredible machine.

Among the ideas – customized Christmas gifts for many of the people on my list. Two of the people I was brainstorming for were the son of one of my best friends and his new wife. Matt and I spend every other Christmas on the West Coast with “family” who adopted us years ago. Gift giving is one of my favorite things to do, and I strive to come up with something unique to the recipient. If I can make something hand-crafted, but cool, even better.

Knowing this couple was just starting out their life together led me to want to combine something practical, like a household item with something that fit their personalities. Scrolling through her Pinterest boards, I found a common trend of a slightly sarcastic sense of humor. Once I spotted a pinned quote that read “I’m Sorry for What I said When I was Hungry,” the idea hit me.

I had seen round, and square glass cutting boards at the Dollar Tree on my last visit and a quick Google search showed that so long as I used 651 permanent adhesive vinyl, that it would hold up pretty well on something for the kitchen. I ended up putting together four quote designs to make a set of cutting boards for them, my favorite two of which we feature in this post.

eggs watermarkThe egg one comes from the constant abundance of eggs found at my house. With a flock of more than two dozen hens, we’re pretty much always buried in excess eggs. It’s a great excuse to bake. Because really, how do you like your eggs best? Scrambled? Poached? Over easy? Or…in a cupcake.

It’s a no-brainer. You can buy the SVG file for this design in our store.

Licked it watermarkThe second one comes from an inside joke with my friend’s son and his family. Every time his grandmother brings over a foil-wrapped loaf of her homemade banana bread, he opens it up, licks the entire top of the loaf and declares “I licked it, it’s mine now.”

Seemed only natural to warn his wife of what she was in for.

These glass cutting boards make a great gift and don’t use a ton of vinyl. They are a great way to use up some scraps, and while the weeding takes awhile due to the detail, the overall cost makes them a wonderful DIY gift.

You can get the .SVG files for the “How do I like my eggs” file and the “I Licked It, It’s Mine Now” file in our store.





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