Pizza and Meatball Bentos

Pizza and meatball bento

It’s a pretty rare day that I pack bentos for all three kids at once. Every now and then, Thing One and Thing Two end up taking lunch on Friday though, which means three bentos getting tossed together. Thankfully, we had a good mix of leftovers in the fridge to pick from.

The bento above belongs to Thing Three.  Much like his big sister, he’s a light eater. As such, he’s got a single meatball, some apple slices, two small pieces of cheesy garlic bread, some grapes and a few slices of his beloved cucumber.

Thing One also had a pretty smal box. She has two small pieces of homemade cheese pizza, two meatballs, some carrots, black olives, grapes a strawberry and a few orange slices.

Thing one pizza and meatball bento

Thing Two’s bento had a bit more heft to it. That boy can eat! And now that it’s warmer out and his non school, non homework hours are mostly spent on the playground figuring out ways to injure himself, he eats even more!

He’s got two slices of homemade cheese pizza, two meatballs, some carrots, hidden celery, a hidden ranch dressing container, apple slices, grape skewers and a strawberry.

Thing two pizza and meatball bento

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