Thing Three’s Bento

thing three's bento

Last Friday was one of those Thing Three only bento days. Then again, that’s most Fridays. Unless it’s one of those odd weeks where “Mac n Cheese” day makes the elementary school menu, Things One and Two are always sans bento for Pizza Day.

Thing Three is back in small appetite mode, so I’m still packing bentos small enough to rival those of Thing One. Today he’s got some multigrain flatbread cut into star shapes, a slice of deli turkey, some colby-jack cars, apples, grapes and a few slices of cucumber.

Of course that’s all well and good until the lunch bag gets misplaced at school and doesn’t return home for six full days and Thing Three has failed to eat all of his beloved cucumbers. At that point, you have to breathe through your mouth while you empty out the bag and dump the bento in the sink before tossing the 6 day old fermented cucumber juice stained bag in the laundry.



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