Tiny Tiered Bentos

thing two's tiered bento

While  I have quite a few tiered bento boxes, I rarely pack them for the kids because they simply hold way too much food.  That’s not the case with my two tiniest tiered bentos. Each tier is slightly smaller than my iPhone and about an inch or so deep.

Occasionally, I’ll pull these ones out when I don’t have anything super cute to pack. Something about the tiers makes even the lamest bentos look a bit cuter.

Today was one of those “not much to choose from” bento days. We haven’t had a lot of leftovers lately, despite the fact that I’ve been cooking.  So I had to make do with what was available.

Thing Two’s box (above) has a tier of cilanto-lime rice with a bit of colby jack cheese and a few slices of jalepeno chicken sausage, a tier of apple slices and a tier of fresh veggies with ranch.

Thing One’s box (below) has the exact same ingredients minus the jalepeno chicken sausage. She deemed it “too burny!” and didn’t want any in her lunch.

thing one's tiered bento

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