Mr W’s Bento

Mr W's bento

I’m feeling pretty thankful that Mr W loves working from home and being around me more than he loves pretty lunches. If not, I’d have had to pack him bologna sandwiches all week to make sure he didn’t decide to rejoin the outside work world.

Since he DOES love working from home, I packed him another tasty bento for his last day building stairs with our friend Steve. He has leftover Basmati rice and Honey Soy Stir Fry Chicken, edamame, oranges with grapes and strawberries and some granola with almonds, cashews and cranberries.

Incidentally, I packed a second lunch today for our friend Steve, who was apparently running out for fast food every day. I didn’t have another manly bento to pack it in, so I sent him leftover chicken tortellini, some fresh fruit and a salad in tupperware containers. Wish I’d taken a picture of the salad though, it was all beautiful and bento-like.

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