A Bento for Mr W

A bento for Mr W

We’ve just wrapped up a couple of big projects at work and things will be fairly light for the next few weeks, so Mr W is helping out a friend on a project this week. Since they’ll be working from 8-4 each day, he asked with a glint in his eye if I’d pack him a bento.

Me: Sure…if you want.

Mr. W: Of course I want! I haven’t had a bento since September. (When he left the corporate world)

Me: (pause) Wait…you MISS them, don’t you!?

Mr. W: Well yeah! The kids get bentos all the time! I haven’t had one in (pause) almost seven months!

Me: (laughing) Ok, you got it!

So last night after dinner, I was scrounging around in the fridge trying to figure out what I could pack in a bento. He was getting up at 6:30am and there was no way I was waking up that early to pack one in the morning. Unfortunately, we’d been out of town for four days and I hadn’t been grocery shopping in nearly two weeks. That left pickings pretty sparse.

Thankfully, we’d swung into Sam’s club to pick up a few freezer/pantry items on the way home and I’d spotted chicken breast on sale for less than $2 a pound. So we’d bought six pounds so I could poach them to make diced up chicken breast and chicken broth for my freezer stash.

As I’d bagged it all up (two four-cup bags and two two-cup bags) I’d had about half a cup left. I put that in a container in the fridge, figuring I’d find some use for it. Then I spotted about half a cup of leftover broccoli I’d pulled from the freezer earlier to make dinner. There was also a third of a jar of leftover alfredo sauce. That solved it. I cooked half a pound of bowtie pasta and threw the chicken, broccoli and alfredo sauce in with it. That gave him an entree and gave me enough leftovers to feed all the kids lunch the next day.

Then I scrounged the last head of romaine from the crisper and paired it with some orange grape tomatoes we’d bought at Sam’s (cause they were cute and I’d never had them), some diced carrots and the last of the feta cheese and cucumber.  Finally, I pulled an apple and some grapes from the fridge and voila, bento made ahead of time.

He also has a fourth tier that has peanut butter for the apples and some goldfish crackers for munching…but it wasn’t pretty, so it didn’t make the picture. 🙂

He’s helping out everyday this week, so expect more “manly” bentos coming up.

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