Couscous Shapes in Bentos

Oh how I love my egg molds. They get used for “other” things nearly as often as they get used for eggs!

Last night at dinner, we were having grilled chicken breast, broccoli and garlic olive oil couscous. For some reason my children absolutely adore couscous. I mean “Woo hoo!! Mom made COUSCOUS!” levels of adoration.

Which is fine with me. It’s way better than “ewwww! We have to eat THAT??!?”

Halfway through dinner, Thing One asked if they could take leftovers in their bentos the next day. Before she had this question all the way out, Thing Two declared “I want my couscous shaped like a FISH! Please oh please mom, will you make it look like a fish?”

What’s a girl to do?

So I pulled out the car and fish shaped egg molds and went to work. It’ simple really…couscous will form to whatever shape you put it in when it’s hot. Once it’s cooled, it actually sticks together pretty well, as long as you are gentle with it. Placed in a properly packed bento, the shape will hold until the kids smash it apart with a spoon to eat it.  So I packed the molds with couscous, sealed them up and popped them in the fridge.

The next morning, it was simply a matter of adding some sliced up chicken breast, some broccoli, sliced apples and clementines and either a strawberry or some string cheese based on which kid it was.


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