Simple Cheese Shaped Bentos

I’ve learned that if you want to add a little personality to your bentos, cookie cutters and cheese go a long way. So in one of those five minute bento mornings, I pulled out my pre-cut items and some cheese and waved my magical bento wand.

Seriously…five minutes flat. Heck, I couldn’t dig lunch money out of my purse in that amount of time.

I layered carrots and celery on the bottom of the bento, then placed a sandwich round flat bread on top. I topped that with a slice of cheese given the butterfly and or rabbit cookie cutter treatment (depending on the kid) and paired it with some apple slices, a strawberry, a few more carrots and some ham rolled up on a skewer. Well balanced, fun, simple, easy. Yay!

The butterfly above went to school with Thing One. The bunny rabbit below went with Thing Two.

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