Thing One’s Bento

Now, this would have been a very nice bento for Thing One today…that’s if it had gotten eaten. Instead, I got a phone call from the school at about 9:45am this morning.

It was Thing One.

“Hey mom…remember how you told me I could buy on mac n cheese day and the last time it was mac n cheese day you forgot and you packed me a bento and so I couldn’t have mac n cheese and so you told me that if that ever happened again and you forget that it would be ok with you if I didn’t eat my bento and instead I bought lunch so I could eat mac n cheese since that’s my favorite food in the whole wide world?”

(Yes, she really said it like that…no periods or commas anywhere…)

Me: Yes.

Her: “While today’s mac n cheese day…so can I buy?”

Me: Yes.

Her: “Thank you mommy! Yay! Ok, I’ll bring my bento home and I’ll totally eat it tomorrow.”

Me: Ok.

Her: Click.

So….in TOMORROW’S bento…she has beef tortellini with pink sauce, some pepperoni slices, a clementine, carrots, celery, black olives, ranch dressing and baby peas.

At least it was still fresh. Yay for insulated bags!

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