“One Fish, Two Fish” Dr Seuss Bentos

Dr Seuss week is (thankfully) coming to an end, which means I can stop wracking my brain for ways to turn books into bentos. Technically, they still have tomorow to go, but it’s pizza day and that’s the one day I let them buy.

After trying and trying to come up with creative ways to make Seussical “looking” food, I decided to cop out and do the ever popular “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” route. After all, it’s one of the most iconic of all Dr Seuss books, right?

Each kid has a salami sandiwch cut out in a fish shape topped with cheese and either a “1 fish” or “2 fish” label. They’ve also got little silicone muffin cups filled with blue jello and swedish fish. I hunted and hunted for gummy fish so I could do both red and blue ones, but no such luck in our little grocery store.

I also threw some red goldfish crackers in there, leading to one of my biggest dissapointments. I SWORE there were blue rainbow gold fish. Was absolutely positive they were in there. But nope…just yellow, orange, purple, red and green.


In fact, Pepperidge Farms screwed me over twice this morning. I’d also bought the goldfish shaped flatbreads they sell, as I’ve used them in bentos in the past. Apparently…they decided to start making them larger though…so now in order to put one in a bento, I literally can’t put anything else.


So, it may technically only be a “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish….” bento…but there you have it.

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