Dr Seuss “Green Eggs & Ham” Bento Lunches

Now…I clearly failed to think my schedule through. I’ve got one day left after today to make Dr Seuss bentos for the kids…and somehow, I failed to remember “Wacky Wednesday.” Talk about an easy out! Alas, I’d already started prep for our Green Eggs & Ham bentos…so away we go!

When the kid and I talked about doing a Green Eggs & Ham bento earlier in the week, they begged me and begged me to make green eggs. We’ve done this a few times before, but always as scrambled eggs. Scrambled eggs don’t play as well in bentos unless you’ve got a tamagoyaki pan. (and I don’t.) So I asked if they’d still eat a hard boiled egg if the egg itself was dyed.

This was an idea they liked. A lot.

They’d also snuck into the baking kitchen the night before as I was making candy green eggs for their lunches, so the idea of having TWO sets of green eggs was one they liked. A lot.

I thought and thought and thought about the ham. I was in a quandary. I have green food coloring, I have green sugar sprinkles, I even have green food coloring spray paint. I can MAKE ham green.

But can and will are not the same thing.


So, playing off the technicality that the book is called “GREEN Eggs & Ham” rather than “Green Eggs & GREEN Ham,” I decided our ham would be…ham-colored.

So I hard boiled some eggs, peeled them and set them to soak for a few hours in some green water. Easy enough.

This morning, it was just a matter of spreading some bagels with cream cheese, adding some green sugar sprinkles, cutting out a yolk from a piece of cheese and assembling one green “fried egg” in each kids lunch. I filled in the blanks with rolled up ham and spinach skewers, the dyed green hard boiled eggs, a bit of fresh fruit and some tiny green egg candies.

15 minutes later, my kids are excitedly heading off to school with what will probably be the best Dr. Seuss themed bento of the week.


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