Dr Seuss “Sneech” Bentos for Thing’s One Through Three

It’s Dr Seuss week folks! It should be no surprise that we love Dr Seuss around here…after all, the kids do get referred to as Thing One, Thing Two and Thing Three. Their schools (like every other school in America) are doing theme weeks, so I figured we’d play along with the bentos.

This certainly isn’t my most artistic of bentos, but hey…I pack three lunches in the morning. A girl can only do so much.

Today, the lunches are all themed after The Sneeches, my single favorite Dr. Seuss story ever. The kids have “Sneech Sandwiches” of both the star-belly and plain belly variety. 😉 Those sandwiches are paired with strawberries, grapes, oranges, pickles, olives, cucumber, spinach, pepperoni and ranch dressing…according to individual preferences.

Thing One’s box is up top.

Here’s a shot of Thing Two’s box:

And of Thing Three’s:

If you aren’t as familiar (and in love with) the Sneeches as we are…check them out.



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