Thing Two’s Back to School Bento

Thing Two Plane Bento

(Yes, I realize it’s not Back to School time, but I’m on vacation this week, so I’m pulling out bentos from the fall that haven’t been posted to the blog.)

I LOVE doing back to school bentos. It’s early in the year, everyone is excited about school, the kids can’t wait to show off their bentos and I have enough energy in the mornings to make them a little extra special.

Thing Two’s had requested a “Plane” bento as his back to school theme. So I set a round piece of flatbread on top of some carrots, topped it with sandwich pepperoni and used cutters to make some cheesy planes and to spell his name. I paired that with some sugar snap peas, black olives, a dill pickle, some grapes, a Simply Fruit roll-up and a small container of ranch dressing.

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