Thing One’s Back to School Bento

Thing One Hello Kitty Bento

(Yes, I realize it’s not Back to School time, but I’m on vacation this week, so I’m pulling out bentos from the fall that haven’t been posted to the blog.)

Thing One LOVES Hello Kitty. I mean, love, loves Hello Kitty. I realized this the day I packed a Hello Kitty sandwich into a Hello Kitty bento which went into a Hello Kitty backpack which was worn by the girl sporting both a Hello Kitty shirt AND a Hello Kitty Jeans jacket and sent her off to school.

Oh my.

So of course it should come as no surprise that Thing One wanted a Hello Kitty themed bento for her first day of school. She’s got a flatbread sandwich stuffed with fresh spinach sitting on a bed of carrots. Hello Kitty is made from cheese, roast beef and roast turkey. She also has fresh sugar snap peas, black olives, a dill pickle, a container of ranch, some grapes and a Simply Fruit roll-up.

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