Thing Three’s Bento

Thing Three Bento sans Brownie

You might notice a brownie conspicuously missing from Thing Three’s bento on the same day Thing One and Thing Two had one featured in theirs. There is a reason for this.

You see, Thing One is so “proper” in her food usage that she’ll bring her dessert home with her if she hasn’t finished her lunch. I asked her why once and she answered (in a voice of disbelief) “Because I hadn’t eaten all my lunch and that was DESSERT!”

Oh, well pardon me.

Thing Two eats everything set in front of him on most days, so no worries.

Thing Three, being the youngest, hasn’t quite learned how this goes yet and will eat dessert and leave the rest. So his brownie got set aside to be eaten after he got home and we knew he’d actually eaten his lunch.

Much like Thing Two, he has X and O french toast pieces, a container of syrup, some bacon, a piece of cheese, grapes, and oranges.

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