Thing One’s Bento

Leftover Valentine Bento

Another leftovers bento for Thing One, though this one has the added bonus of leftover Valentine’s Day kisses from her Valentine’s Day card project.

Today’s bento has some leftover spinach stuffed rigatoni, chicken meatballs with provolone and sun dried tomato in them, fresh spinach, a strawberry, grapes, and olive or two and some Raspberry Vinegrette tucked into a little pig squeeze bottle.

Incidentally, the chicken meatballs are actually from the refrigerated section of Aldi. They’re gluten free and contain all natural ingredients. (There wasn’t an item on the ingredient list I couldn’t identify.) They’re pre-cooked, so you simply need to warm them up for dinner. They were great as is, but they’d be even better in a roasted red pepper alfredo sauce.

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