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Ready made stash of bento friendly foods to the rescue yet again. This is why once a month I spend a few hours on a Saturday making foods I can pop into the freezer for nights when leftovers are not bento friendly.

We’d had pizza for dinner the night I packed this bento and in general, pizza just does not work well. Thing Two was still on a bento strike, so the pizza went into baggies along with fruits and veggies for his lunch, which left me trying to figure out what to pack for Thing One.

We’d had brown rice a night or two before and had barely enough left to justify dirtying tupperware, so I’d put it into a sushi mold and tossed it in the fridge to be retrieved at a later date. I pulled that out and grabbed some bite size bacon broccoli quiche into the freezer a few weeks back.

Pair that with a strawberry, plus grapes, apple slices, celery and carrots I’d already pulled out for Thing Two’s bagged lunch and I was ready to go. The spinach is just for some extra color, which works out doubly well because they LOVE fresh spinach. Double win!

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