Thing Three’s Bento

Little Sandwich Bento

You know those moments when your heart just melts at something one of your kids says? Yeah, I had one of those yesterday. We were wrapping up dinner and I was talking about what I was going to pack for lunches that night when Thing Three pipes up with “You’re going to pack ME a bento? Right? I looooooooooooooove it when you send me a bento, they’re so cool!”

Aww…yay! Of course I’ll pack you a bento!

Then he told me he wanted “little sandwiches” and spinach and apples and carrots. Can do! So I nestled some little butter breads cut into lion and rabbit shapes into a bed of spinach and packed some carrots and pineapple to go with his apple. He was playing when I made this one and didn’t get to preview it, so hopefully it gives him a smile.

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