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Oatmeal Roll Bento

This will sound funny when you consider how small bento boxes are, (most fit in your hand with no problem) but I’m always secretly happy on the days when I have something bulky to pack in a bento box.

You see, she’s generally a very light eater and while bento boxes look small, they are packed so densely they actually hold an extraordinary amount of food. So I either have to use one of the very small boxes for her, or find something that isn’t super filling, but takes up a lot of space to balance it out.

Today’s bento was perfect in that regard. I’d made honey oatmeal rolls the night before because we were having friends over for dinner and honey oatmeal rolls are one of her favorite foods. So I packed one of those and added in some leftover grilled chicken breast and green beans plus a container of ketchup and some apples and grapes.

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