Thing One’s Bento

Chicken Alfredo Bento

A quick and easy bento put together at about 10:30 last night before we headed off to bed. Thankfully, we had some leftovers in the fridge from a trip to go shopping and dinner at Max and Erma’s earlier that night. (Did you know kids eat free at Max and Erma’s on Tuesday nights?)

She’s got some leftover chicken strips, half of my leftover bread stick, more eggy Alfredo noodles, the standard carrots, celery and black olives with ranch dressing plus half a clementine and purple grapes.

The sad thing about their bentos is that this time of year, the fruits are veggie are nearly always the same. She loves sugar snap peas and fresh green beans, but out of season those things are scary. And don’t even get me started on strawberries and raspberries right now. The good thing about this time of year is that I keep containers of cut up celery, washed grapes, etc all ready to go, so packing these lunches takes about 15 minutes total.

Oh and the repeating pop tart? Yeah…it came home again. She’d spilled ketchup on it.



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