Thing One’s Bento

Thing Ones Bento

I feel like this one should be referred to as homemade Pop Tart part deux. Why? Because that’s the exact same Pop Tart you saw in yesterday’s bento.

When Thing One came home from school and I asked her what she’d thought of her homemade Pop Tart she looked at me sheepishly and said “I didn’t eat it…”

“Oh really? Why not?”

“Well, I didn’t get to eat all my vegetables and the Pop Tart was dessert, so nice I didn’t finish my food I couldn’t eat it.”

(These are the moments when I wonder if we’ve really done that good a job raising her or if she’s playing me…)

Then she asked if I could pack it in her next bento and let her try again tomorrow.

(I know, she’s cute, isn’t she?)

So…here we go again. In today’s bento we’ve got leftover EggyAlfredo noodles and garlic chicken with a small container of ketchup for the chicken. There’s also grapes, oranges, pineapple and some carrot sticks as well as a repeat appearance from the Pop Tart.

Let’s see if she manages to eat it today.

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