Thing Two’s Bento

thing twos bento

Thing Two is not a sweet eater for some reason. He loves chocolate as much as I do, but he doesn’t really have much use for generalized sweets. So when I made the homemade Pop Tarts for their bentos, it wasn’t a bit surprise when he passed. Instead, he begged for me to include a big giant pretzel. (Big, giant, hard pretzels do not go well in bentos because you’ve got to wedge them at just the right angle AND keep the wet stuff away so they don’t get soggy…but he’s cute and I like a challenge, so why not?)

In his bento you’ll spot carrots, celery, dill pickles, black olives and a little container of ranch dressing along with grapes, pineapple and some clementine. He’s also got some string cheese to go with his pigs in a blanket, and don’t forget the little container of ketchup wedging that pretzel into place.

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