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Intro to Social Stories

Back when Jen, Ariel and I were first talking about relaunching A Flexible Life and what type of content we’d like to create, a frequent topic of conversation was my experience working with the Autism community and some of the resources I used to have a hard time finding.  M was diagnosed a dozen years […]

Vegan Tomato Avocado Quinoa Salad

While all three of us are foodies on some level, my food preferences tend to be a bit different from those of Ariel and Jen. [That’s because we know tofu isn’t a food. – Ariel.]  There are a few recipes however, that we all agree are fantastic. A year or so ago, I threw together […]

The Start of Our Walk With Autism

“What would it mean to you if I told you your daughter had autism?” That was the first question I was asked regarding M’s official diagnosis of Autism.  This question (in variation) has become one of the most common questions I get regarding M’s diagnosis of Autism.  “How did you feel when you found out?” […]