The Cast of Characters


You know those disclaimers you see at the end of movies? The ones that go something like this…

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

That one?

Yeah, it doesn’t apply here. Everyone that gets mentioned or talked about is 100% real. Of course we also live in a world of Google and no one wants the funny story of the time they accidentally inhaled their own hair while on a date and immediately started choking and gagging broadcast to their next employer when the company runs a Google search. (Right? I mean seriously, how does that even happen??)

Those who know us…will know who we are anyway, but for the rest of you. Here’s the quick and dirty run-down of A Flexible Life’s cast of characters.

Jen & Mr W

This one is easy enough. Jen is the one writing all these posts and baking up all the tasty things you see in the recipes section. (In other words…me!) By day I run a small social media marketing agency and provide training to companies throughout North America on how to leverage social media. The rest of the time, I’m an absolute bake-a-holic. So much so that Mr W built me a second kitchen in our basement, just to house my baking supplies. I’m not crafty, but I wish I was. I’m not artistic, but I try. I pack bentos for my kids, bake goodies for our friends and in general love ANY excuse to throw a party.

Mr W was dubbed “Mr Wonderful” by my friends shortly after we started dating. He’s the consummate example of a person who isn’t perfect, but is perfect for me. He runs operations for my social media agency and keeps me on task when my creative streak sends my head into the clouds. He’s also one of those guys that not only looks crazy hot in a tool belt, but knows how to use all the tools you carry around in them. He’s forever remodeling our home. In the past year alone he’s finished 840 square feet of living space in our basement, giving us a theater, an office, a bedroom and a kitchen. Not to mention new sidwalks, landscaping, and a million other projects. His projects alone could supply a blog.

Together, we’re finding our way through life and enjoying the adventure it has to offer.

Thing One, Thing Two and Thing Three

The single biggest motivator for living A Flexible Life has been our kids.

Thing One, the oldest, is our only daughter. She’s seven and takes after her mom in so many ways. She loves to be in charge and she has an amazing way of convincing you that you WANT her to be in charge. She’s a caretaker, a fast talker and has one of those minds that runs way faster than you’d think is possible.

Thing Two is our oldest son. He’s five, but he’ll talk to you like he’s 23. He’s one of the most outgoing children you’ll ever meet and makes friends with anyone in minutes. He’s our Lego loving, Sir-Mix-A-Lot singing, joke telling kid…always looking for a challenge.

Thing Three is our youngest. He’s four and has only one speed in life. Super, super fast. Thing three doesn’t have time to waste on walking when he has the option to run. He’s all boy. The kind who turns pencils into imaginary guns and wants to grow up to be Optimus Prime. He’s also the most cuddly of the bunch and spends more time in our laps than sitting beside us.

Together, they make life way more interesting.



Rounding out the mix, and sporting the most obvious of all nicknames, Hair is my best friend. One of those best friends you spend your whole life looking for or your whole life thanking God you have. For eighteen years, she’s been beside me for everything. She’s not only been my Maid of Honor (twice), she’s also been there for the birth of both of my kids. She even caught Thing Two when he was born! (now THAT’S a friend!) She’s the one person  in the world before Mr. W who truly understood me, and incidentally, is the one who gave Mr W his nickname

We’ve known each other since high school where we met on our rifle team. (That’s right, we shot guns, and we were darn good at it!) Since then, we’ve ended up living in Columbus, Ohio, Canton, Ohio AND Western PA together, all without intentionally following each other around. (God knows what He’s doing and just keeps landing us in the same place.) She lived with Mr W and I for several months when she first moved to the area, and now lives just a short drive away. No blog covering our lives would be complete without a regular appearance from Hair.

These days, Hair works as an ICU nurse. That means she has as odd a schedule as we do and leaves us free to explore all that Western PA has to offer when everyone else has to be sitting behind a desk.



Back when I first met Mr W, I learned that one of his closest friends in the world was his little sister. Now in my experience, this is usually disastrous. With Tapioca, that couldn’t be further from the truth. I still remember the long drive over to visit one weekend knowing she was going to be there. I hadn’t been in the door two minutes before she had pulled me into the kitchen to ask my input on something. She instantly made me feel completely at home and accepted. Within months, we were great friends.  Tapioca absolutely EXHUDES enthusiasm, warmth and glee. She’s one of those people you just can’t help but love. She’s creative. She’s loving. She’s a dreamer. We have a lot of things in common. ;)

She’s also a bit of a drifter, so we never know if her dreams are going to carry her away to another city or state for awhile. So we enjoy her while we have her and not a single visit with her goes by without laughter, smiles and lots of love. Shes’ an awesome aunt to our kids and she’s the sister I always wanted, but never thought I’d get.

On top of all that, she’s big into natural living, organic and local foods and the romanticism of life in the country. If she had her way, we’d already have goats, miniature cows, bee hives, chickens and a few acres of gardens. We’ll get there…one step at a time. But it sure is fun to have a cheerleader along the way.